Crocodile Bites Into The Recession

G’Day Friends

Pick up any paper, turn on the news, the talk is all the same.

Banks Going Under, Fuel Prices Soaring, Basic Food Items a Luxury Many Can’t Afford!

It’s doom and gloom all over the place.

The media knows fear sells, and they are serving up a generous helping for us to consume. The bottom line is people are getting scared.

As business owners, we’ve got to get smarter in order to survive and thrive no matter what the economy is doing.

And that’s why I writing to you today.

To give you some GOOD NEWS for a change.

The GOOD NEWS for all of us is there’s an easy answer. We as business owners can survive and thrive in any economic climate. And now, it’s never been easier.

You can laugh in the face of recession and sleep like a baby while others toss and turn in despair. That’s because a couple of very clever guys have joined forces to create Crocodile Marketing.

Their tagline is outrageous. But knowing this pair of guys, I know they’re deadly serious. Anyway, here’s Crocodile Marketing’s tagline: Take a bite out of the Competition & Rip your competitors apart!


But how does this help you? Why is this good news?

Well the two guys are Pete Godfrey and David McMahon. Pete is better known as “The Wizard of Words”, Australia’s best known copywriter and sales strategists. When Pete talks copy, we all listen; it’s that simple.

And David is a media and marketing expert; he’s the guy all the top players in Australia use for their SMS, fax and voice campaigns.

Anyway, they’ve just finished writing a new book called: RECESSION BUSTING SMALL BUSINESS BIBLE: 7 Easy Ways to Survive and Thrive in a Recession.

Perfect for online and offline marketers alike, this book is valued at a very real $99.00. But today, it’s your free.

Yep, free. (And no, this isn’t a download. It’s a real, A4 sized book that gets posted to your door!)

Here’s just a glimpse of all the little-known business boosting info on offer inside the RECESSION BUSTING SMALL BUSINESS BIBLE.

* The BIGGEST bang for your buck! Post this simple, yet devastatingly effective letter to every customer … this one brings in the money just like magic. You get the rights to modify this letter and use as your own. Just change to suit and then post; it’s that easy!

* How to get other people to get new customers for you, for FREE. This secret is POWERFUL… can DOUBLE your business within weeks! See the easy-to-follow template that makes implementing this secret child’s play.

* How to Recession-Proof your business… so you make money no matter what the economy is doing! While your competitors toss and turn in despair, you’ll sleep like a baby… knowing you’ve a got a proven, predictable system for getting new and old customers beating a path to your door. Never worry about cash flow or the economy again!

* Instant cash flow surge! Open the flood gates to maximum profits. You’ll see a powerful promotion that brings a swarm of new customers to your business. You get the ads, the letters, and a simple to follow blueprint on what to do and how to do it. Nothing could be easier.

* The most potent marketing strategy ever invented.  Attracts qualified, eager-to-buy customers like bees to a honey pot. What’s better, this strategy eliminates price shoppers so you can charge what you’re worth. See this strategy in detail, along with actual examples of a winning promotion still going strong after three years!

For a LIMITED time, Pete and David are offering this book FREE.

To see what all the fuss is about, click the link below.

The guys have a few other free goodies planned for you as well.

Go take a look at them all at

Jason Rose

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